This compelling true story of one victim's

struggle to overcome the abuse she endured as a

child is a must read!

This story is proven by court files, mental health records and child welfare files. 


     Shelly Ann shares her own personal journey to survive the adverse effects of the extreme abuse that she suffered as a child. By telling her story of survival she hopes to help other victims to understand that we are creatures of response and the behavioral patterns we develop are just that, responses, and we all respond the same way. You will ride the emotional roller coaster with her as she shares her insights and experiences on anger, pain, grief, guilt, depression, self-sabotage and suicide.

   You will hear the details of Shelly Ann's life struggle with alcohol, relationships and her diminished sense of self worth.    You will hear about and relate to many of the mistakes she made throughout her learning to survive process.

In the final chapter entitled "Lessons Learned"  Shelly Ann will share her determination to recognize the mistakes she had made through life and how deeply she had to look at herself to find change and the strength and courage it took to make those changes. She will inspire you to know and understand that no matter where you come from you can be all that you were meant to be.


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Shelly Ann 


Recipient of 2014 Esquao Award - Arts & Literature

Author/Public Speaker

Psychology/Social Work Diploma

Advanced Level 4 Life Skills Coach/Therapist

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist

Career Practitioner

Advocate for Victims of Violence

Steward of Abused Children


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