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November 25, 2013 


“I Never Lied” Presentation Review


            The presentation given by Shelly Ann is heart-wrenching, fantastic, sad and brilliant.  When first approached with the topic of child abuse it is pretty safe to say that most of us are used to reading it, hearing about it on the news or seeing it through the movies.  To have Shelly Ann standing in front of us stating these true terrifying happenings of her own life was shocking.  Being a staff member of the Fort McMurray Public Library and listening to the presentations’ entirety, I can sincerely say that I was blown away.  The statistics that were shared by Shelly Ann are shocking and only help to add to her shockingly true story.

            At the beginning of the presentation, Shelly Ann draws your attention to an organization called “Little Warriors”.  The information that Shelly Ann was able to share with us about “Little Warriors”  was extremely valuable. The education that they offer about preventing abuse is invaluable and we cannot wait to start the process of inviting them to our library for our patrons.

            Shelly Ann is very personable and knows how to communicate very effectively with the audience.  Her presentation moved most of our audience to tears.  We were so heavily impacted by the presentation that we have invited Shelly Ann back to our library to give another presentation in the spring!  If the spring presentation works out we hope to advertise in schools because we feel that this is a very important presentation for parents.

            This presentation is highly praised by our library for not only the harsh reality that it presents, but most importantly what we can do to change it.  Thank you again so much Shelly Ann for sharing your truly inspirational story with us!


Courtney Sutherland

LAII, Adult Services

Fort McMurray Public Library









Shelly Ann 


Recipient of 2014 Esquao Award - Arts & Literature

Author/Public Speaker

Psychology/Social Work Diploma

Advanced Level 4 Life Skills Coach/Therapist

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist

Career Practitioner

Advocate for Victims of Violence

Steward of Abused Children


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