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 Dear Shelly Ann:


Thank you for providing me with a copy of your recently published book, I Never Lied.  I regret the delay in responding.


At the outset, I would like to express my sincere regret for the traumatic events you have endured.  I respect and admire the courage it took for you to overcome these past experiences, and to share your story with others.


I would like to assure you that the Government of Canada is committed to improving the experience of victims as they deal with the criminal justice system process.  You may be interested to know that in February, we announced our government's intention to introduce legislation to implement a Canadian Victims Bill of Rights that would entrench victims' rights into a single law at the federal level.  Over the last few months, I have travelled across the country to consult with victims of crime, victim advocates, and criminal justice system professionals on this proposed legislation.  I appreciate being made aware of your personal experience.


Our government has demonstrated a strong commitment to victims' issues.  Since the implementation of the Federal Victims Strategy in 2006, we have allocated more than $120 million to give victims a more effective voice in the criminal justice and corrections systems through programs and initiatives delivered by the Department of Justice Canada.  We remain committed to pursuing this objective through the Federal Victims Strategy and legislative reforms such as the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights.


Please accept my best wishes to you and your family in your continued healing process.  Thank you again for writing.


Yours truly,


The Honourable Peter MacKay

Shelly Ann 


Recipient of 2014 Esquao Award - Arts & Literature

Author/Public Speaker

Psychology/Social Work Diploma

Advanced Level 4 Life Skills Coach/Therapist

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist

Career Practitioner

Advocate for Victims of Violence

Steward of Abused Children


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